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GST Filing

(Accounting setup takes about 7 working days)
  • Provide all the details of GST registration
  • Provide all the invoices raised and received
  • Analysis of GST Tax to be paid
  • Online Filing of GST Return
  • Payment of GST Tax
  • Get Ready to Make History...
  • Starting At:
    Rs.500/- All Inclusive

Why GST Filing?

Every company or person registered under GST needs to periodically file GST return (three returns every month and one return annually) while furnishing details of sales and purchase. GST return is filed online but it has to be filed correctly as there is no provision to revise the returns. Also, before filing the GST returns, it is mandatory to pay the tax due.
GST returns can be filed through ca4you in Delhi, NCR and all other Indian Cities starting from Rs. 500 per month.

What is included in our company registration package?

  • Advisory on GST
  • Advisory on rates and changes in structure
  • GST return preparation monthly
  • GST Return filing online monthly
  • Annual Returns

Procedure for Company Registration Service

Documents Required For Company Registration?

  • Business Details and Documents
  • Invoices for Sales and Purchases
  • Knowledge about Business expense and revenue
  • Previous GST Return if applicable

Advantages of GST-Filing


If you are looking for any form of debt or equity funding, you need to have your GST return in place. Lot of start up starts scrambling for GST Return filing services once they realise it.


Start Early! Track your revenue and expenses to give your business the right direction from day 1. Co-founders can run a really efficient operation if they have all the cost heads in their control.


Peace of Mind! Focus on your business leaving aside all the headaches of GST Return compliances to experts. This is a mandate of law to have GST return filing in place.

Cost Efficient

Stitch in time, saves nine! The earlier you plan on your GST Tax compliances, the more you save later. There are lot of regulations which allows business to save on their taxes.


Q. How many GST returns needs to be filed every year?

Q. If a business has not done any revenue, do they still need to file GST returns?

If a business has done GST Registration, they have to file ‘Nil GST Returns’ even if they have not clocked any revenue in that particular month. Return filing of GST for zero return is a fairly uncomplicated process.

Q. How many businesses have got GST registration done till now?

As per Government records, approximate 7.2 million businesses were registered under GST act and approximate Rs 92 Lacs Crore were collected as GST Tax.

Q. How Frequently you have to file GST Return?

The Frequency of GST return filing depends on type of registration and transactions. For normal tax payers, NRI, Foreigners, Input Service Distributor, Tax Deductors and E-commerce Operators have to file monthly return. Composition taxpayers are required to0 file a quarterly return. There is also an additional Annual GST Return apart from the monthly returns.

Q.What is the best way for GST Returns Filing?

GST Returns Filing can be done by accounting consultants or even the owner of the company but it should best be left to be done by accounting services provider to avoid any wrong filing. There are various small business accountant who does this job at optimal fee.

Q. Is GST Filling is done every month?

No, as per the latest amendment by Government, GST Returns for Online GST Registration has to be done quarterly for Pvt Ltd Company Registration, Firm Registration and LLP Registration with turnover of less than 1 Crore.

Q. Does GST Return filing needs to be done even if there is no invoices and transactions?

Yes, even if the company has zero transactions GST Return Filing needs to be done for Zero returns.

Q. Does GSR Return filing needs to be done every month?

Businesses with GST Registration needs to file their sale purchase summary every month but the return filing has to be done once every 3 months for company registration and businesses with turnover less than 1.5 Crore.

Q. Do the people having GST Registration under composition scheme and needs to do GST Return filing every month?

No, The business registered under GST Registration composition scheme needs to file their GST Return filing every quarter.

Q. What are the fine for delay in GST Return filing?

Yes, there are fine for GST return filing. The fine varies from Rs 20 per day and is subject to change as per government notification.

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Private Limited Company

  • Suited for Start-up and growing company
  • Best suited to raise investment
  • Directors are protected from any liability
  • Few Tax Advantages
  • Perpetual Existence
  • High Statuary Compliance

Limited Liability Partnership

  • Suited for Professional Service Firms
  • Not very suited for investment
  • Directors are protected from any liability
  • Many Tax Advantages
  • Perpetual Existence
  • Low Statuary Compliance

One Person Company

  • Suited for Solo owner firms like Broker
  • Not very suited for investment
  • Director is protected from any liability
  • Few Tax Advantages
  • Perpetual Existence
  • High Statuary Compliance

Partnership Firm

  • Suited for Home Business
  • Not at all suited for investment
  • Owners are protected from any liability
  • Very Few Tax Advantages
  • No Perpetual Existence
  • Minimal Statuary Compliance

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